If you want to try our extra virgin organic olive oil, learn more about olive harvesting and processing, contact us and we will be happy to organize a tour of our farm and a tasting for you and your friends.

Learn about the process from olive to bottle. Everything takes place on our farm: from sustainable organic farming to harvesting, cold pressing, and bottling. You can visit the olive grove, the olive press, taste our oils, stay at our guest house.

Embark on a sensory journey into the world of olive oil tasting, where tradition, scientific knowledge, and nature converge to create one of the most beloved, healthy culinary delights. Join us for a walk through the organic olive grove, where every tree has a story and every drop of oil carries the glow of the Mediterranean sun.


Walk with us in the olive grove between rows of silvery green trees. Learn the different varieties. Feel the earth beneath your feet breathe in the fresh, fragrant air, and enjoy the sounds of nature.

 We will share with you knowledge about the organic cultivation of these trees and the traditional methods used to harvest their precious fruits to ensure the best quality

The tour lasts about 2 hours and we explain the different varieties of olive trees, the organic cultivation, the natural processing of green olives, etc. We conduct the tour in both languages, Greek and English

Video presentation

After your tour of the olive grove, sit back for a fascinating video presentation of the long history of the estate and olive oil, which has nourished the Greeks for millennia.

Olive oil tasting

Learn about the factors that affect the taste and quality of olive oil, from the soil to the time of harvest. Discover the subtle nuances that distinguish extra virgin olive oil from other grades and appreciate this liquid gold and its nutritional benefits.

Gain knowledge that will help you choose the extra virgin olive oil that is perfect for you.

We invite you to participate in an olive oil tasting seminar, lasting about 2 hours, surrounded by the historic olive grove of Rovies. You will learn how to taste olive oil. Together we will evaluate the aroma, the taste, and the aftertaste. You will get the first knowledge to familiarize yourself with the basic properties of good extra virgin olive oil. You will learn about the history of the tree and the fruit, the ways of extracting the juice, the criteria of evaluation, the positive contribution of olive oil to human health, and how it enhances the taste of a salad or a dessert.

The seminars take place - after consultation by mail [email protected] or phone +30 6936887902 (minimum 4 people, maximum 10).

At your disposal for the full program, duration, and cost of participation.

Suitable for adults and children.