Olive Tree

Olive trees have existed in the Rovies area in North Evia since ancient times.


On the estate we grow 5 varieties: Kalamon, PDO Rovies, Koroneiki, Damaskinoelia, Megaritiki.

Olive Oil

We collect the best olives for olive oil production.

Organic farming

Our olives are grown and processed naturally free of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and chemicals that could harm your health and our ecosystem.


We irrigate and fertilize only when necessary after checking and only with organic fertilizers.


Picking by hand continues to be the best way to collect olives, thus avoiding injury.

Oil producing | olive oil tasting

We are proud to have our own two-phase olivemill on the spot.

From tree to bottle

It takes between 4 and 7 kg of our olives to make 1 liter of oil, so every drop is precious!


In 1836, Apostolos Doumas bought from the Turks a large area with wild vegetation around today's Rovies village in North Evia Island Greece.
His descendant, Antonis Papadopoulos (1893-1963) was the one who gave the olive grove its current form. He trasplanted the olive trees from all the areas of the estate in one place - near the river delta, next to the sea. He continued planting olive trees from the sea to the top of the mountain and experimented with new olive crops and varieties. Visit us to watch the video about the long history of the estate.


Third generation

We, Stefanos Vallis and Marina left Athens to realize our vision: to live in harmony with nature. We make sure that the olive grove we received from our ancestors continues to be productive. We continue the olive cultivation with the same faith and love. We do not burden the environment and we recycle and reuse everything.
The wise people say: Plant an olive tree for your child and a fig tree for your life. Which means we have to take care of the present and ourselves, but at the same time we should also take care of the future and the next generation.

Third generation


In the privately owned olive grove, we exercise organic agriculture.. We are fortunate that there are no polluting factories nearby and no roads pass through the estate. So there are no fumes and the silence is comforting. The sounds of nature are noticeable.
We take care of the nighttime exterior lighting so as not to disturb the nocturnal animals. We have an oil press and storehouse with controlled temperature and humidity. We have a room for olive oil tastings, a showcase to sell our products and a guest house to host you.


Experience and knowledge

"that's how the old people did it" but science is constantly making discoveries. We have the experience of the third generation but we never stop learning. Seminars on pruning, fertilization, organoleptic examination, marketing and much more.

Experience and knowledge